South Warwickshire teenager warns about drink spiking after night out ends in hospital

South Warwickshire teenager warns about drink spiking after night out ends in hospital

Charlotte Hartwell, 18, of Fenny Compton, went out for a birthday celebration with friends and family in Banbury last Friday – but her evening ended in hospital.

Ms Hartwell believes her drink was spiked and is warning other young women to ensure they stay safe.

"I went out with my cousin, brother, sister and friends for my cousin’s birthday. We went to Wetherspoons and at midnight, we went to Zinc nightclub. It was pretty empty and we were enjoying a dance. There were only two other people on the dance floor. I put my drink on the side. I hadn’t been well so wasn’t drinking heavily. I went to the ladies with my sister and cousin and started to feel unwell. I decided I needed to get a glass of water and that’s the last thing I remember,” she said.

"From what I’ve been told, I went outside and I was with my boyfriend. I said I wanted to go home because I didn’t feel well. Then I stood up but collapsed. By brother and sister were with me. The bouncers came to help but I was unresponsive and started having seizures. I was freezing and I couldn't talk. They said I kept going in and out of consciousness.”

An ambulance was called but an estimated response time of two hours was given. Ms Hartwell’s father was called from the family home in Fenny Compton and he drove his daughter to the Horton.

I woke up in hospital having cannulas put in me and fluids to flush me out. They gave me anti-sickness pills and paracetamol and let me go home. But all of Saturday I felt horrible – sick and dizzy said Ms Hartwell.

The hospital took blood tests but the results have not yet been received.

Ms Hartwell said the bouncers and staff at the nightclub acted kindly and professionally, applying first aid and carrying her to the car. The club has also offered CCTV footage.

She says she believes women are at higher risk of having their drinks spiked.

“Don't put your drinks down, cover them. Be on guard during the whole night out. This happened to me in an empty club in a small town. You might expect this in big towns or cities like Birmingham but not in a small town".

By Roseanne Edwards - Warwickshire Live

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